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  1. [특별] (1/28) Dr.Jee Soo Yoo (MIT) "Controlling the Photo-stationary State of Azobenzene for High Efficiency Solar Thermal Fuels: A Computational Study"

    Date2016.01.29 By- Views255
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  2. [특별](1/7)Prof. Kisuk Kang (Seoul National University)“ Biologically inspired redox centers for rechargeable batteries"

    Date2016.01.08 By- Views281
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  3. 2016학년도 봄학기 신입생 오리엔테이션

    Date2015.09.22 By- Views416
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  4. [특별] (8/31) Prof. Oleg Prezhdo (Univ. of Southern California) "Quantum Dots-Artificial Atoms, Large Molecules or Small Pieces of Bulk? Insights from Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies"

    Date2015.09.22 By- Views326
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  5. [특별] (8/27) EEWS Special Seminar: Dr. Yuhoon Hwang (Technical University of Denmark)

    Date2015.09.22 By- Views293
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  6. [특별] (8/26) EEWS Special Seminar: Dr. Hyungyu Jin (Stanford University)

    Date2015.09.22 By- Views325
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  7. 제1회 BK21+ 참여대학원생 해외방문수기 공모전 시상식

    Date2015.07.22 By- Views417
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  8. [특별] (7/20) EEWS Distinguished Seminar: Prof. Doron Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) "Advanced Materials and Electrochemical Sciences for Energy Storage & Conversion"

    Date2015.07.22 By- Views376
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  9. [특별] (7/14~7/23) Prof. Robert Huggins (Stanford University)

    Date2015.07.20 By- Views353
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