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Fuel Cell Research Overview at Los Alamos National Laboratory

■ Speaker: Y.S. Kim (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
■ Host: Professor Seong-Ihl Woo
■ Inquiry: Ext. 8891 (김소연 선생님)
■ Date & Time: 2014. 6. 10 (Tuesday) 2:30 PM
■ Venue: 생명화학공학과(W1-3) 1F. 제1세미나실(Room #1101)

■ Abstract:
The fuel cell R&D is one of the longest running non-weapons programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The fuel cell program originated by innovative LANL staff in response to the Arab Oil Embargos of the 70s – Los Alamos received the first-ever federal government funding for “Fuel Cells for Transportation” in 1977. The Thin Film Electrode breakthrough lowered the amount of platinum required by a factor of more than 20 while dramatically improving performance. The program uses a broad spectrum of expertise and capability across the multi-disciplinary laboratory. In this talk, a broad overview of current DOE fuel cell programs and major contribution of LANL’s research efforts will be presented. Recent progress and further directions on structural design aspect of fuel cell electrodes will be briefly discussed as well.

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