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  1. EEW966/986(11/22) Professor. Yunho Lee(GIST) "Oxidation technologies for municipal water treatment: abatement of organic contaminants, disinfection, and by-product formation"

    Date2017.11.22 By관리자 Views24
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  2. [EEW966/986](11/15) Professor. Unyong Jeong (POSTECH) "Material Design for Stretchable Electronic Devices"

    Date2017.11.16 By관리자 Views16
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  3. [EEW966/986] (11/08) Professor, JunHee Lee(UNIST) "Genomic design of multi-level dielectrics for neuromorphic computation and on-time photocatalysts" file

    Date2017.11.09 By관리자 Views19
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  4. [EEW966/986] (11/01) Professor. Dongchan Jang (KAIST) "Nanomechanics for materials design and characterization"

    Date2017.11.03 By관리자 Views18
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  5. [EEW966/986] (10/25) Professor. Sang-Eon Park (Inha Univ.) "CO² Utilization as Oxygen Source for High Value-added Chemicals"

    Date2017.10.26 By관리자 Views21
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  6. [EEW966/986] (9/20) Professor. Ki-Bum Kim (SNU) "The Application of Nanopore Device for Biomolecule Filtering and Sensing"

    Date2017.09.26 By관리자 Views23
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  7. [EEW966/986] (9/13) Patent attorney Gyoung-Ho Buh (IBS innovation team) "Innovator's Dilemma : Lucrative Patents from Fundamental Technologies"

    Date2017.09.19 By관리자 Views25
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  8. [EEW966/986] (5/17) Dr. Se-woong Back(KAIST), Dr. JiHoon Lee(KAIST) - 3rd Best Ph.D. Thesis Award l

    Date2017.05.18 By관리자 Views75
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  9. [EEW966/986] (5/10) Dr. Sunmin Ryu (Postech) "Surface Science of 2-Dimensional Crystals Probed by Optical Spectroscopy"

    Date2017.05.12 By관리자 Views54
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