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  1. [EEW966/986] (4/25) Professor. Do Hwan Kim (한양대학교) "Visco-Poroelastic, Iontronic Tactile Skins"

    Date2018.04.26 By관리자 Views9
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  2. [EEW966/986] (4/11) Professor. Chang Hyuck Choi (GIST) "Stability of Fe-N-C catalysts during oxygen reduction"

    Date2018.04.12 By관리자 Views14
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  3. [EEW966/986] (4/4) Professor. Hyung-Kyu Lim (강원대학교) "Development of a New Multi-Scale Simulation Framework, and its Application in Ionic-Liquid-Based CO₂ Electrochemical Conversion System"

    Date2018.04.05 By관리자 Views15
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  4. [EEW966/986] (3/28) Professor. Mark Olson (Tianjin Univ.) "Thermochromic Supramolecular Materials Based on Competing Charge Transfer Interactions"

    Date2018.03.29 By관리자 Views12
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  5. [EEW966/986] (3/21) Prof. Hyung Mo Jeong (강원대학교) "Nanostructuring of metal oxide particles for electrochemical energy storage devices"

    Date2018.03.22 By관리자 Views18
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  6. [EEW966/986] (3/14) Prof. Yanli Zhao (NTU) Integrated Porous Materials for Selective CO₂ Capture and Catalytic Conversion

    Date2018.03.15 By관리자 Views17
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  7. [EEW966/986] (3/7) Chan-Ho Yang (KIAST, 물리학과) Visualization of collective oxygen-vacancy flow in a crystalline solid

    Date2018.03.07 ByEEWS관리자 Views32
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  8. EEW966/986(11/22) Professor. Yunho Lee(GIST) "Oxidation technologies for municipal water treatment: abatement of organic contaminants, disinfection, and by-product formation"

    Date2017.11.22 By관리자 Views50
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  9. [EEW966/986](11/15) Professor. Unyong Jeong (POSTECH) "Material Design for Stretchable Electronic Devices"

    Date2017.11.16 By관리자 Views38
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