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번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
공지 2017 Spring Colloquium 2017.02.14 163
134 [학과] (9/9) Prof. Ho Won Jang (Seoul National University) "2-dimensional electron gas at oxide heterointerfaces: a review and the critical role of structural distortion" file 2015.09.07 504
133 [특별] (8/31) Prof. Oleg Prezhdo (Univ. of Southern California) "Quantum Dots-Artificial Atoms, Large Molecules or Small Pieces of Bulk? Insights from Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies" file 2015.08.27 545
132 [특별] (8/26~27) EEWS Special Seminar: Dr. Hyungyu Jin (Stanford University) & Dr. Yuhoon Hwang (Technical University of Denmark) file 2015.08.19 624
131 [특별] (7/20) EEWS Distinguished Seminar: Prof. Doron Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) "Advanced Materials and Electrochemical Sciences for Energy Storage & Conversion" 2015.07.16 724
130 [특별] (7/3) Dr. Wu Zhou (Oak Ridge National Lab) "Creating New Functionalities in 2D Materials via Defect Engineering" file 2015.06.30 803
129 [특별] (6/29) Prof. Carl V. Thompson (MIT) "Morphological Evolution of Discharge Products in Li-Air and Na-Air Batteries" 2015.06.26 701
128 [특별] (6/10) Prof. Xu-Hui Zhu (South China University of Technology) "Organic Small-Molecule Cathode Interfacial Materials for Organic Photovoltaics" file 2015.06.08 688
127 [특별] (5/20) Prof. Hoi Ri Moon (UNIST) "Transformation of Metal-Organic Frameworks into Functional Nanomaterials for Energy-related Applications" 2015.05.19 765
126 [특별] (5/26) Prof. Ajayan Vinu (The University of Queensland) "Advanced Functional Nanoporous Materials for Multiple Applications" file 2015.05.12 691
125 [특별] (5/12) Prof. Gyeong S. Hwang (Univ. Texas at Austin) "First-principles analysis of the photocatalytic performance of bismuth vanadate" file 2015.05.11 721