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연사: Dr. Si Hyoung Oh (Principal Researcher KIST)

주제: "Making better batteries for sustainable future: Rechargeble batteries based on multivalent metal electrodes"

일시: 4/12 (Wednesday), 16:00 ~ (Refreshments: 15:45~)

장소: Room 401, Creative Learning Bldg. (E11)

주최: Professor Jang Wook Choi (Ext. 1719)

첨부: Attached

번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
211 [EEW966/986] (5/17) Dr. Se-woong Back(KAIST), Dr. JiHoon Lee(KAIST) - 3rd Best Ph.D. Thesis Award l file 2017.05.15 151
210 [EEW966/986] (5/10) Dr. Sunmin Ryu (Postech) "Surface Science of 2-Dimensional Crystals Probed by Optical Spectroscopy" file 2017.05.10 84
209 [EEW966/986] (4/19) Professor Youn-Sang Bae (Yonsei Univ.) “Metal-Organic Frameworks for Adsorptive Gas Separations and Storage” file 2017.04.14 105
» [EEW966/986] (4/12) Dr. Si Hyoung Oh (KIST) “Making better batteries for sustainable future: Rechargeable batteries based on multivalent metal electrodes” file 2017.04.07 97
207 [EEW966/986](4/5) Dr. Hyung Ju Kim (KRICT) “Development of Electrochemical Biomass Conversion Technology for Renewable Fuels and Chemicals Production" file 2017.03.31 91
206 [EEW966/986] (3/29) Dr. Jipei Yuan & Lulu Ma (Advanced Energy Materials, Wiley) “Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals” file 2017.03.24 118
205 (3/24) Prof. Osamu TERASAKI(Stockholm University) "Basic Crystallography & Scattering/Diffraction" file 2017.03.21 331
204 [EEW966/986] (3/22) Professor In Su Lee (Postech) “Spatially Confined Chemical Reactions within a Nanosized Solid-state or Solution Medium” file 2017.03.17 138
203 (3/21) Dr. Chae Jung Seok (Center for Quantum Nanoscience, Institute for Basic Science) "Nanoscale Characterization of Organometal Trihalide Perovskite using Photothermal Induced Resonance (PTIR) Technique" file 2017.03.14 66
202 [EEW966/986] (3/15) Professor Juyoung Yoon (Ewha Women's University) “Recent Progress on Fluorescent Probes and Photosensitizers” file 2017.03.10 80