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1. 일시 : 2월 7일(화), 14:00~
2. 장소 : KI B/D (E3), B301 (3F)

3. 연사 : Mu-Jeng Chen (National Cheng Kung University)

4. 주제 : "Design and Study of Electrocatalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis"

5. 주관 : 김형준 교수님 (내선. 1725) 

6. Abstract:

Global energy consumption is projected to triple by the end of the 21st century relative to the present rate due to population and economic growth.  The energy demand can be met from fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal.  However, doing so would triple the level of atmospheric CO2 by the end of the century.  Such a dramatic increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is likely to perturb global ecosystems on an unprecedented scale.  Therefore, it is crucial for the global community to move quickly toward carbon-neutral energy sources.  Solar energy is by far the largest exploitable resource of renewable energy.  The amount of solar energy incident on the earth in one hour is enough to power our planet for one year.  The best way to harvest solar energy is to build artificial photosynthetic devices (APDs) that use sunlight to split water and combine the liberated hydrogen with CO2 to form energy-rich liquid hydrocarbons.  Such liquid fuels are easy to transport and store, and, importantly, allow us to continue using existing infrastructure.  Building large-scale, efficient, low-capital APDs is a very challenging task.  It is crucial to discover earth-abundant, inexpensive, efficient anodic and cathodic electrocatalysts.  In this seminar, I will talk about our strategies and designs of novel electrocatalysts for the anodic oxygen evolution reaction and for cathodic CO2 reduction reaction. 


번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
공지 2017 Spring Colloquium 2017.02.14 132
» [특별] (2/7) Dr. Mu-Jeng Chen (National Cheng Kung University) "Design and Study of Electrocatalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis" 2017.02.07 59
198 [특별] (1/4) Dr. Jungmo Choi (Washington University) "Statistical Mechanics of Protein Design Problem" 2017.01.04 88
197 [학과] (12/26) 구근호 박사(University of Delaware) “Theoretical Approach to Biomass Conversion in Heterogeneous Catalysis” file 2016.12.23 119
196 [학과] (12/2) Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University) "Green Sulfur Bacteria: Nature's Photon Junkie" file 2016.12.08 101
195 [학과] (11/30) Professor Jaekwang Lee (Pusan National University) “Combined DFT/electron Microscopy Studies of 2D Materials” 2016.11.23 88
194 [학과] (11/16) 제 2회 박사우수논문상수상식 및 학과세미나 file 2016.11.21 225
193 [학과] (11/16) Dr. Hong Suk Kang (University of Pennsylvania) "Light-induced Molecular Motions in Azobenzene-containing Materials for Use in Micro/nano Patterning and Light-powered Healable Electrical Conductor" file 2016.11.11 93
192 [학과] (11/9) Professor Kimoon Kim (Postech) “Nanostructured Materials by Covalent Self-assembly” file 2016.11.04 183
191 [학과] (11/2) Professor Hyunwoong Park (Kyungpook National University) “Sun-believable Artificial Photosynthesis on Semiconductors” file 2016.10.31 79
190 [학과] (10/25) Prof. Gregory Beran (U.C. Riverside) "Molecular Crystal Properties, Polymorphism, and NMR Crystallography from Electronic Structure Theory" file 2016.10.24 51