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1. 일시(Date and Time) : 1월 4일(수), 11:00~
2. 장소(Venue): KI B/D (E4), B401 (4F)

3. 연사(Speaker) : Jungmo Choi 최정모 (Washington University)

4. 주제(Title): "Statistical Mechanics of Protein Design Problem"

5. 주관(Host): 김형준 교수님 (Prof. Hyungjun Kim) (Ext. 1725) 

6. Abstract:

Design of proteins with new functions and/or new structures has been a long-time dream of  protein scientists and engineers. Despite several recent reports of success, designing a new  protein from scratch remains as a big challenge. One strategy to reduce the design cost is  to find a structure with higher designability, which is defined as the number of sequences that  fold into the given structure. Early theoretical works show that the designability correlates with  the contact density, the number of non-adjacent residue-residue contacts normalized by the  chain length. However, it is sometimes difficult to increase the contact density (due to spatial  restrictions), in which case it would be helpful to know the next-order determinant of  designability. Here, we employ an analogy between statistical mechanics of spins and the  designability problem to treat the problem analytically, and show that the next-order term is  proportional to the element sum of the square of the contact matrix.
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