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1. 일시: 2016년 1212(), 16:00~

2. 장소: KI빌딩(E4), 강의실 B501 (5F)

3. 주제: Green Sulfur Bacteria: Nature's Photon Junkie

4. 문의: 이수현(suehyun@kaist.ac.kr, 내선 1752)

5. 주관: 정유성 교수님 (내선 1712)

6. Abstract:

Green Sulfur Bacteria is an early organism that can thrive at very low light conditions.

It has an unique photosynthetic apparatus that transfers energy efficiently to the reaction center that is responsible to begin the chemical reactions to support life. The antenna complex, called Chlorosome is composed of up to a quarter million self-assembled bacteriochlorophylls. I will discuss our studies of the energy transfer in this system using a bottom-up approach that starts with atomistic simulations. I will end by discussing our work on the design ultrafast experiments that can help understand the dynamics of quantum systems, a technique called quantum process tomography that is commonly used in quantum information processing, and which we propose to employ in physical chemistry experiments as a tool to extract information from ultrafast spectra in a systematic manner.


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번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
공지 2017 Spring Colloquium 2017.02.14 183
» [학과] (12/2) Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University) "Green Sulfur Bacteria: Nature's Photon Junkie" file 2016.12.08 114
195 [학과] (11/30) Professor Jaekwang Lee (Pusan National University) “Combined DFT/electron Microscopy Studies of 2D Materials” 2016.11.23 101
194 [학과] (11/16) 제 2회 박사우수논문상수상식 및 학과세미나 file 2016.11.21 316
193 [학과] (11/16) Dr. Hong Suk Kang (University of Pennsylvania) "Light-induced Molecular Motions in Azobenzene-containing Materials for Use in Micro/nano Patterning and Light-powered Healable Electrical Conductor" file 2016.11.11 115
192 [학과] (11/9) Professor Kimoon Kim (Postech) “Nanostructured Materials by Covalent Self-assembly” file 2016.11.04 194
191 [학과] (11/2) Professor Hyunwoong Park (Kyungpook National University) “Sun-believable Artificial Photosynthesis on Semiconductors” file 2016.10.31 89
190 [학과] (10/25) Prof. Gregory Beran (U.C. Riverside) "Molecular Crystal Properties, Polymorphism, and NMR Crystallography from Electronic Structure Theory" file 2016.10.24 58
189 [학과] (10/21) Prof.Salmeron "Charge transport in nanoparticle arrays for photovoltaic and photoconductive applications" file 2016.10.21 95
188 [학과] (10/19) Dr. Nam Sung Cho (ETRI) “Technology Trends of OLEDs: Large/Small Size OLED, Flexible OLED, and New Materials for OLED” file 2016.10.14 99
187 [학과] (10/20) "EEWS 2016 International Workshop" file 2016.10.13 114